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A coding YouTube channel about things I'm passionate about.

August 19, 2022, by Tiberiu Chibici

When my dad brought home my first ever computer when I was around 8 years old, an old 486 running Windows 95, I immediately fell in love. There was so much you could do on this strange machine, like write documents in Microsoft Word, paint whatever went through my mind in Paint. Solitaire was the best game ever (because my dad didn't know how to install other games). It even had a builtin cup holder (I had no idea what a CD or a CD-ROM was). But after some attempts to clean up the Windows directory, which for some reason was full of these empty folders which in my mind were taking up a lot of space, it stopped working.

Since then, I've learned a lot about how these computers work, what makes them tick, and how to program them. My goal is to share this knowledge in the best way that I can, and maybe code some interesting stuff.

You can find all my videos on my channel, and all the code is on GitHub. We also have a community on Discord. I do my best to maintain a monthly schedule for videos which take a lot of time to make, and bi-weekly livestreams.


My projects

Here you can find some of my latest projects.

A coding YouTube channel about things I'm passionate about.
A suite of various mathematical applications, including a matrix calculator, graphing calculator, and an integer factorization tool.
Self-hosted tool which manages your YouTube subscriptions, and downloads files automatically.

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