Chibici Tiberiu

About me

My name is Chibici Tiberiu, I am a software developer, and I currently live in Cluj Napoca, Romania.

My fascination of technology, coupled with my enjoyment of learning how everything works, led me to this career. I enjoy the creative process of building software, from having an idea, to figuring out how to implement it.

My ultimate goal is to help people through my work. I find the most satisfaction when people find my work useful, which is why I decided to create this personal site to share my projects: maybe someone, somewhere, will find my work useful.

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More about me

My wife, Estera, my daughter Hadassa, and my son Alex are the most important people in my life.

Me and my family

In addition to my family, and making software, I am also passionate about listening to and making music, playing video games, and learning about history.