Chibici Tiberiu


Want to try out a new beat? Do you want to learn to play the drums, but don't have any?

November 30, 2019, by Tiberiu Chibici

DrumKit simulates a virtual set of drums, using some great quality sounds. You can play with a mouse, a keyboard or a touch screen.

Everything is customizable: rearrange the drums, change the key bindings, modify the volume and panning of each individual drum.

My projects

Here you can find some of my latest projects.

A coding YouTube channel about things I'm passionate about.
A suite of various mathematical applications, including a matrix calculator, graphing calculator, and an integer factorization tool.
Self-hosted tool which manages your YouTube subscriptions, and downloads files automatically.

Latest blog posts

January 26, 2019
First part in a multipart series about building operating systems. In this episode, we start by writing a 'hello world' program in assembly, and then booting it from a floppy drive.
December 27, 2018
An interesting visualisation showing how the major cities of Romania are laid out
January 31, 2018
The site is up and running!